Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So much for blogging more...

Well my promise to blog more sure went out the window. Where in the world did January go? I journaled almost everyday and I still can't tell you where/how it went so fast. We (cabell co.) have just had our 7th snow day! Those kids are going to be going to school till the middle of June!

I am still unemployed, I have sent in several resumes and have had one response. That was to sell insurance. Nope! God has a plan for me, I just have to be patient (just hope the bill collectors will understand that). I have been practicing my typing skills, I can type 60 wpm on the computer from the computer. Which is great but I found out the school board is going to be hiring some secretaries and they test from paper and that slows me down big time! I am going to keep working on my skills and hopefully by the time they test I can do it. I tested for them years ago and just couldn't pass that typing test. :(

Well, Basketball is just about over. Jon has been playing since November and my rear end is getting really tired of sitting on those bleachers! He has had a good year and is ready to be the big dog on the team.

Craig and I have been cooking almost every meal at home since Oct. I used to try to tell Craig that it was cheaper to eat out (my dad reminded me of that) and I really did feel that way, but of course it isn't. At least this way no one has to be the one to decide where to go and then have to decide what to have once we argue about where to go. We have gone to dinner a couple of times while family have been in town. I am very proud of myself! I didn't think I had it in me...


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