Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Thanks to some very special people in my family, I was able to come to the Big City to see Sandy. Today, she is on day six, following the transplant. I would say this has to have been the worst day. I am completely drained beyond anything I ever imagined. She has been sleeping for the last 24 hours as much as they (Dr's. and nurses) will let her. She does not remember anything that has happened! I was awakened at 3:30 am that she was in A.Fib meaning her heart was out of rhythm big time. Her heart would go from 186 to 70 in just a couple of beats so that prompted several tests throughout the day. She is still in pain from her Esophagus that is inflamed due to the white blood count being at 0.2 (should be at least 15). Then she got sick and for precautionary measures has to be quarantined. I have to wear a gown and gloves, realized today that I have short fingers. I took a picture of my gown and gloves but can't get it to load, sorry! Please continue to pray that she has the strength to fight for her life.

Craig is still lovin his new job. I was so afraid that he would not like driving around in such a short distance, but he promises me that he loves it.

I have been trying to make some Christmas cards, I am not gifted in this so I am finding the ideas and trying to change things around to make them my own. I have some favorites that I loved in books or blogs and I have to admit they look exactly like the pictures. I will post some pictures next time.

Jon is in the second day of Basketball tryouts and feels that he will probably get chosen, but be on the JV team. He says that he is fine with that, just wants to play and stay active till Baseball season.

Kelley has a new camera, I will post some pictures when I get home.

Nathan, don't know what he is up too... He is still trying to find a home for "Lucy" his cat.

Love and Prayers,


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