Monday, November 29, 2010


I'm just sitting here today in a funk! What to do? I have one more tour left and its on Thursday to Springboro, OH. Then what? I have applied to a couple places of employment, but I really want to work in a church. Do I really want to work before the New Year? We have so many things on the calendar already, that I will miss if I go to work now!
Oh well I'll tell you about the things I have been doing!
Cutting back, Craig and I have both gone back to regular old cell phones (I really don't like it, but until I get a JOB it will do) We will save $60.00 a month + found out that N&K had some GPS thing on their phones so took those off to save $80.00 in one month! Then I made a menu last week and stuck to it like glue! The week that I went to visit with Sandy my fam spent $240.00 on take out food! I spent $80.00 on Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner for seven days!
Here is what we had for Dinner:
Friday - Flounder and Mac/Cheese
Saturday - Chicken/Dumplings - Green Beans
Sunday - Beef Stew - Cornbread
Monday - Pork Chops - Aug. Potatoes - Peas
Tuesday - Chicken Cass. - Potatoes - Carrots
Wednesday - Chili - Grilled Cheese
Thursday - Turkey/Ham (of Course) - Stuffing - Sweet Potato Cass - Broccoli Cass - Orange Fluff - Cranberry Salad - Garden Salad and Rolls
Friday - Leftovers
I am working on the next two weeks this time. I am afraid the weather is going to get bad and I do not like to carry in groceries anytime let alone in the snow/rain!
Jon's first basketball game is Thursday! Fun, fun... it should be interesting. Lola/I have a bus trip, Kelley/Craig/Nathan will be working. So he might get his chance at walking home!
Kelley is almost finished with her quarter of school and is working. Nathan is now dating (check out facebook) Nicole Buchman, Nicole and Nathan went to highschool/band together, she is teaching in Wayne Co., WV. Nathan has applied to be a Youth Minister at the church that I worked as my first secretary position.
Sandy has been home for over a week now, she is still really weak. She still does not have much of an appetite and that isn't helping! Please continue to pray for her to have the strength to fight for her life!

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