Saturday, October 30, 2010

The change has happened and winter is coming...

Since my last post lots has changed.

Craig did decide to take the other job. He is working for our local city bus system called TTA (Tristate Transit Authority) and he is lovin it. He has at least 30 days of training and then will be on probation for 1000 hours, which at the rate he is going won't take too long. I think he is up to about 50-60 hours this week. Which we are so used to, with the bus company when he worked he was gone like at least 12-18 hrs.

I ended up getting several more phone calls for my remaining tours. I did cancel one but feel pretty good that the other two will be able to go. They have not sold fast enough for me to ever do more public tours. Remember the three school groups that I priced? I never heard back from any of them, I called and called, due to hotels holding rooms and never got an answer so guess what I think that was a slammed door. What do you think?

Football season is over now too. Beverly Hills went undefeated into the playoffs, they won the first round and then lost in the championship game. Remember that horrible storm that went through most of the country on Tuesday (Oct. 26th) that was the night of the game. It rained so hard that the boys just could not run and of course the other team knew who would be trying to run and would tackle them. It was a mess, really bad officiating, and it rained so hard and so long that my umbrella leaked. I wore my rain coat with the hood up under the umbrella. :( So now we have about a week break before Basketball starts, Jon has not is the past been a strong basketball player, but it keeps him active until baseball starts.

Sandy went to the hospital on Thursday, Oct. 28 to start her stem cell transplant. The floor that she goes to was full and she had to wait quite awhile for a room. They totally scrub down those rooms and remove all cloth items. So she is afraid now that with any delay she will not get home for Thanksgiving. The address for the hospital is The Jewish Hospital 4777 E. Galbraith Road, Cincinnati, OH 45236 - Sandra Duve Room 3316. I would really appreciate it if you could just send her a card of encouragement. She will be in the hospital at least for 21 days.

We have trick or treat on the Thursday evening before Halloween in Huntington. Jon has NEVER liked to go trick or treating. So I was shocked beyond belief when he asked to go with a friend. Zach is the female and Jon the male.

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