Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Yeah, Sandy is cancer free! That means she can start the stem cell transplant! It took her from Memorial Day till just last week to become cancer free. Wow!

I must admit I have had a little vaca. Craig and I went to Myrtle Beach with a senior adult group, this is our third year. It was Perrfeeccttt! The weather was great, our room was on the sixth floor so we kept the curtain open almost every minute (we did close it on Tuesday night, due to getting to sleep in on Wednesday and the sun is very bright by 7:00 am). We even had church on the bus, Sunday morning, we called it "Fellowship Chapel". I hate to boast but here are some pictures. :) I would like to personally thank Kelley and Tami for their Jon sitting duties while I was away. Love you both!

While we were gone Kelley and Tami took some great pictures of Jon playing football. We are about midway through the season and his team is still undefeated. Go Bullhawks! We had some great news today that Enslow (Jon's middle school) will not be consolidating with the other local middle school (Beverly Hills) until the building is finished, which could take up to three years. So Jon will be long through middle school before this happens, yeah!

Here is the card that I made for my great nephew's "Gabe" 16th birthday.

This is the card that I made my sister, Sandy's birthday.

Kelley is doing great in her cake decorating class, this is a cake that she made for this week. She made the flowers earlier in the week and let them dry. They were/are as hard as a rock! Great work Kelley!

And last but not least, I had to show you this picture of Jon and Aaden. Aaden is almost two I think and loves Jon, when he sees our car pull up he watches to see if Jon is in it and says, "Jon, come here", so cute that Jon has to go and play with him. If Jon isn't in the car, he won't even talk to me or Craig.
Jon did great in his football game tonight, he sacked the qb and tackled a man with the ball that wasn't the qb! Whatever, he loved hearing his name being called over the speaker. He told us to get used to hearing it, cause there would be more....

Love and Prayers,

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