Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Take a guess where in the world I am!

Yep, you guessed it back to the Big city.

Sandy is in for the fourth round of chemo. This time we are in a hospital in Kenwood, OH called Jewish Hospital, they specialize in Stem Cell Transplants. They are doing tests that are preparing her for the transplant, we are finally feeling like it will be the next procedure and not a pipe dream. I talked with a nurse about the length of time and procedure in general. Sandy will have 3-4 weeks to recover from this round of chemo and then they will give her a shot to boost her stem cell growth. She will go to outpatient to harvest/withdrawal some of her stem cells for freezing. Then in about a week she will be admitted to the hospital, given six days of extremely strong chemo and on the seventh day give her back her stem cells. Isn't that pretty awesome about the seventh day? Her doctors assistant came in and pretty much told us the same thing as the nurse. Then they monitor her for 17 days in the hospital. They both said that she can have visitors the entire time. I don't know how much I can be there but they are very accommodating to visitors. I relaxed in a cool chair/bed thing, I would have said slept but that doesn't happen much in a hospital! I forgot to take a picture, trying to find one online.

I am back home now, I tried to finish the post while I was there but just couldn't get it done.

Sandy did not get nauseated this time! Praise the Lord! She has been sleeping since she got home but she has lost three nights of sleep in that crazy place. So I don't really know if its the medicine or lack of sleep.

Here are some pictures I took:

A birthday card that I made my brother

The birthday card I made my niece Rachel, had to show you the inside and outside since it is that plastic stuff and hard to see.

While I was in the Big city I made Sandy a couple of caps to wear instead of her wig. She will probably not like me posting her picture, but had to show you the cap! The first cap which is the one in the picture was kinda big, I followed a pattern online. Then I whipped her up another one and let her try it on as I was making it. It turned out better than my FIRST ever chemo cap, but I forgot to take a picture.
As you know Jon is back in school and that means football season is upon us. He goes to Enslow Middle School, but his school did not have enough students to play/tryout/eligible to make a football team. So after two weeks of practice for Enslow the coach said he didn't have enough players and told them there would be no team. So if your school doesn't have a sport that you want to play you can go to another school and participate. At first Jon didn't want any part of it but he was so mad. He loves playing football, he asked his dad to take him to Beverly Hills Middle School to play for their team. (actually the head FB coach is Jon's head basketball coach) so they were very accepting of any players that wanted to join their team. Jon and three other boys went, due to BHMS having enough players (25) they had a first string of 8th graders for offense. So Jon gets some playing time on the punt return team and second string defense. They had their first game of the season tonight and won 52-0, I think they are going to have a great team this year. Another thing is in the picture you will notice that Jon is wearing a blue helmet, BHMS only had enough black helmets for 25, so the Enslow boys are wearing their own helmets. (I like it myself, easy to find him after a play)

That sums it up!


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I can't believe you found a picture of that crazy chair!!
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