Saturday, June 26, 2010

Almost Finished!

Oh, what a busy time I have had since my last post! I FINALLY have my room 99% finished. I just have to make curtains. I was going to get some already made, then I found this super cute lamp and decided I would go with black and white. So I went into Joann's tonight and bought fabric to make curtains this next week. Here is a picture of my lamp that has changed my thoughts!

After Craig attached my counter top to the wall, I carried and carried bags upstairs. It felt like Christmas going through the bags and looking at all the things I had been buying. Every night this week I have just sat in the room hoping for some great wisdom on card making to hit. Guess what it never hit. You may have all the tools of the trade but that doesn't help with creativity! I had to make a card for a wedding shower tomorrow, I am not overjoyed with it but here is a picture of what I came up with.
Kelley made this scrapbook page for a friend. She used the cricut, she may have gotten more of the creative gene than me, what do you think?

This past week Craig and Jon have been to Boston.

Then on the way home (after the driver switch) Craig made a stop at the Fiesta store for me. Paprika is the newest color that was released on Monday! Oh what a wonderful husband, he came home with a whole place setting and a couple other pieces.

You are not going to believe it but I have been going to a Zumba class. I am telling you right now it is hard work to dance! I was raised in a strict Nazarene home and dancing was not allowed. So I was never allowed to move my groove thing and it is not wanting to learn to move now! I am ALWAYS going in the wrong direction and my arms and legs do not coordinate at the same time. I just have to laugh at myself. The worst thing, there is a mirrored wall!

The latest news about Sandy is that she has continued to be nauseated for the last two weeks. She went to an appointment with the stem cell specialist yesterday and had lost 27 pounds since Monday, June 7th. He was not happy! He proceeded to inform her that she needed to have at least one if not two more of the three day chemo treatments. Please continue to pray for her as her journey to be cancer free continues.

P.S. - I just had to add to my hometown post. I have been to lots of city in my 44 years on this earth and I believe Huntington is the ONLY city that when the bell rings you can diagonally cross the street. Please let me know if you have ever been to a city that also does this.



Brenda said...

Yeah!!! I LOVE it!!! It looks awesome! Glad you had fun unpacking.
Now get busy and create....You can do it....look at the card you already made! Great job!

Beth said...

Thank you for the nice comment. I am just not that good. I did whip one up today for a friend that is going through a tough time. Maybe it will be easier. When I get my curtains made I'll take more pictures of my room, especially my IKEA drawers. Love Ya! Beth