Saturday, July 10, 2010

What a week!

Whew, what a week! I went to the Big city for Sandy's second (hopefully) final chemo treatment. She did really well this time around. I had her eating steak and a hoagie, during the chemo. She was somewhat naused on the third day, but was way better than the first time. Now we wait for her scan, the Dr will tell her if it is shrunk enough for the stem cell transplant. I came back home as she was coming home from the hospital (Thursday).

We (Fellowship Tours) had a bus trip (Friday) to the "Honey in the Rock" play in Beckley, WV. It was really a pretty good show and a great group of my favorite people went. The pictures are on my camera, so I will post those next time, they are of the group at the overlook.

Then on Tuesday we (Craig, myself, Kelley, Jon and Lola) went to Gatlinburg to meet my brother and family at Pancake Pantry. Then Brenda, Lola, Kelley and I went to a scrapbook superstore and I was overwhelmed by all the paper stuff they had for card making.

Here is the pile of stuff that I bought.

Mike, Brenda, Rachel and Dad flew back to the Big city and the rest of us stayed for a few days. We went to a couple of shows, mined for jewels, Putt Putted (95 degrees at 10 pm) ate way too much, rode the sky lift and then came back home.

Then on Friday we went to a funeral for a woman that was a member of our church and following the funeral some of our friends invited us to come to their house. They wanted me to take some of their green beans home to cook (haven't cooked them yet). They can large amounts of the stuff that they grow in their garden and I mentioned that I really never watched my mom can. They decided to show me how to can green beans and I just had to show you them canning in a tie and pearls!
The morning before the funeral I had made this card for the group reservationist at the Tennessee Shindig for allowing us to come and see their shows in hopes that we would bring a group or two.

Today we had a wedding at church, then after Craig and I went to pick out the flooring for the kitchen! Woohoo... they are coming to measure Tuesday. I reminded him that I have Girls Night this month and it's getting close :) This is a cute picture that the bride's mother posted on Facebook. You might remember I showed you the card that I made for her shower.

I guess that's it for now, never a dull moment in the Miller House!


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