Thursday, June 3, 2010


Just had to have that as my title, my SIL Brenda's birthday was yesterday. She has been saying it driving my niece Rachel crazy.

This is a picture of Jon and I trying to save the baby birds, their nest blew off in a storm. Sorry to say the mama never came back.

My MIL Lola, Kelley, Jon and I went to Lebanon, OH to visit my SIL Tami for Memorial Day weekend. Tami had given me my birthday gift early so I brought her a Thank You card that I had made.

Upon being in the BIG city for more than a day we had to get gas, Tami asked me if I had a Kroger card and I said "Of course". She said that we are going to Kroger's anyway so we could get gas there. I said well I do have 758 points that I would be losing on the 31st anyway so that was fine. We had been talking about, that it would be great if they let you use all your points at one time and not just 10 cents a gallon off. I get out of the car and type in my card number and it says "do you want to use your 70 cents all at one time" OMG I could not believe I saved 70 cents a gallon on fuel.

While in the BIG city, we went to church at my home church, Newport First Church of the Nazarene. This is one of many stained glass windows in the church.

So we go to church and lunch with the family, I had picked up Craig at Kings Island (he had driven a group there). By the end of dinner, I had learned that my sister Sandy was doing much worse. Her cancer has spread and there are only a couple options left. She will be going to the hospital for three days this week to receive a very strong chemo treatment. IF and only IF the cancer shrinks (in about three weeks) she will be given a stem cell transplant. So I took the family back to WV, repacked my bags and came back to be with Sandy.

I came back on Tuesday and picked Sandy up from work. We shared a rack of ribs from Montgomery Inn. Then came to my brothers house and had birthday cake for my SIL Brenda.

Rachel, Sandy, Brenda and I went out on the town last night to celebrate Brenda's birthday. Sandy told the server it was Brenda's birthday so of course they sang to her and brought her some ice cream. I had a great time! Sandy has not heard from the Dr. yet about what time/date to go have the treatment so we are just living it up till cocktail hour!

So, today is MY birthday. I have a VERY heavy heart today. I am away from my husband and kids for the first time in 25 years, but they understand that I am where I need to be today. I pray that in my 44 years on this earth I have made a difference for Christ. It blesses my heart to overflowing that all my family is involved in church and living for Him. That is all a mother/sister/daughter/wife/aunt could ask for on her birthday.

Much Love,


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