Monday, July 26, 2010

Home Again, Home Again...take two

As I updated last week, Sandy had to have another (3rd) round of chemo. The hardest part for me was, we (the five of us) had just been to the Big city over the weekend. Brenda (SIL) had invited Kelley and I to a Stampin Up party. Stampin Up is a company that sells material to make cards/scrapbooking. When you go to a party you pay $15.00 p.p., but you make 10 cards that you can take home. So when I mentioned to Craig that I was going to the Big city, he said "I wonder if the Reds are in town"....
Here are a couple of pictures of the boys at the ball game.

This is a picture of a card that I got from the Stampin Up party, that I am sending to a friend that just had a death in the family. Realized that I do not have any Sympathy stamps, I will have to work on that! Sorry the girls didn't get a picture.

Then I made this card with the Cardinal on it for someone having a Birthday this week.

So I am home again from the Big city, this time I stayed with Sandy through the night. I do not know how the hospital expects you to rest. Her first round of Chemo did not end until 3am, the nurse came in at 5am for a blood sample and then they came in again at 7:15 for the shift change. By that time I knew I was not going to get anymore sleep. I did have Goetta (a Big city meat, made of pork and oatmeal) for breakfast. I never had even heard of the stuff until that day, it was pretty good. In fact I had it both mornings I was there! Sandy did great the first two days of chemo but that dreaded third day always gets her down. The second day I got a whole five hours of sleep. (If you don't know me well I am an eight hour of sleep a night kind of girl) She was really getting sick when she pretty much told Angela(her daughter)/Grandchildren/myself it was time for us to go... then I tried to talk to her Saturday night and she was too sick. Please continue to pray that God will give her the strength to fight for her life.
So I drove home (which I was way to tired to do) but I made it! So today I was upstairs working in my room, trying to put all my new stuff away and I could hear hammering and talking coming from downstairs. I decided to investigate due to thinking, Jon was the only one down there. Lo and behold, Zach (Kelley's BF) and Alex (their friend) were in the living room with Jon building a rocket. They got it together and we all went to the park to see if it would launch. I did launch, it was supposed to go up 1100 feet, I'm not good on judging but it really did go up. They had three engines as they called them. On the second try it went in the trees but they got it out and after a little repair work they got it up a third time. Fun times.

Well, that about sums it up for the week. I am hosting my girls night this month, so I will have to take pictures of my friends and let you know what I finally decided to make for dinner!



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