Thursday, April 8, 2010

Okay, I will try better

Well, that didn't last long did it? Okay I am going to give it another try.

My children (Nathan, Kelley and Jon) are making fun of me for having a blog, but I love reading other blogs so maybe someone will enjoy mine.

My SIL (Brenda) challenged my sister (Sandy) and I to blog. On the way home from our very quick trip to cincy this week, I thought "I have a blog" I wonder if it is still there. It was, so here I am. My SIL has also awaken a ugly beast in me, she is the most talented card maker in the land. Since Christmas I have tried my hand at it but am just not creative. I told her I can copy her stuff but can't make my own. So she took us to a craft store and we bought some tools of the trade and hopefully I will get a chance to play with it this weekend.

Card making is not the only hobby that I am striving to do. I also quilt, a group of women in our church get together on Wednesdays and quilt all day. One of the ladies (Ruth) husband is a very talented craftsman and he makes quilt frames so I bought two quilt frames (will take a picture). I am in the process of piecing a nine-patch quilt. Thus again my inept ability to be creative is hindering my quilt making also. I have about 60 squares in all different colors to place together to make a full size quilt and I can't seem to get the colors to look good together. One of my quilt friends (Vaughnia) loaned me a color wheel and I can't even get it to work with that!

I will work on getting some pictures of my progress!



Brenda said...

Hey!!! This is great!!! What a nice surprise! Your a natural blogger...sounds so good. Now we can check in through the week and see what up with each other. Now we need to get Sandy to set up a blog...Now get busy making something and post pics. Love ya, Brenda

Beth said...

Thanks, I need help on how you added all that stuff to your sidebar.

Anonymous said...

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